Layaway / Payment Plans


I am happy to announce that I will be officially allowing payment plans for items!

I must advise that unlike my financing option – if you choose to to put an item on ‘layaway‘, you will NOT receive your item until full payment is made.

Layaway FAQ

Q: How Can I setup or discuss a payment plan / layaway?
A: Speak to me personally, via E-mail, Bonanza, Etsy, or my Contact Form.

Q: How Often Can I Make Payments?
A: Payment plans and times are most often discussed first, however I ask that a minimum of one payment per month be completed.

Q: What If I decide I no longer want to purchase an item I have made payment on?
A: Layaway deposits and payments are all exclusively NON-REFUNDABLE. Please know: If you make a partial payment on an item, and stop making payments you will not receive the item, nor a refund. Again layaway payments are non refundable.

Q: May I exchange a vessel or casting on layaway for another vessel or casting?
A: No, after an item is reserved the payments must be completed – and it cannot be changed for additional items.

Q: How much money must I pay upfront to put an item on layaway?
A: Standard I ask that 20% is put down towards the purchase – however, since it is not possible to have a defined amount that fits each item and clients personal needs, an initial payment will be discussed personally before the payment plan is agreed upon. I work hard to insure that it’s the perfect fit for my client!

If there are questions not outlined here – just ask me! I am always willing to help.