Item Care



The following are simple guidelines I have provided to use with my Haunted, Spirited and Spellcast vessels..


You can certainly get your items wet – although items made of composite metal I strongly suggest avoiding, as it can degrade their vessel over time and entities often take great pride in their vessel. It is NOT possible to¬†accidentally¬†“release” or “destroy” your entity by exposing it to water, or anything of the sort. Please avoid using any harsh cleaners, that may be abrasive. Avoid cleaning any natural gemstones as well, as cleaners can degrade them.


You are most certainly able to keep items stored together – with few exceptions, all items sold will not interfere with each other. Any items capable of interference with others will have a very strong warning on it.


Most of my items do not require to be worn to garner their power, but often must be kept near you for the beginning weeks. You can certainly where multiple items of mine, or wear entities of mine with entities purchased from others, again with few exceptions.