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My name is Malik Azarus – and I am a Powerful Black Warlock, an Elite Spiritual Entity Summoner and a Journeyman White Light Healer.
For the last 40 years I have traveled the planet EXTENSIVELY in search of the most powerful mystical items that exist. Items that are haunted, infused with unbelievable magick, items that are bound to supernatural entities or are of an occult nature. Do not hesitate to contact me privately for any questions you may have, as well as offers. Please know that none of my photographs are modified, edited, or altered in any way. They do not have artificial filters, or enhancements to modify the way the vessels look – all my items are truly authentic!

I’m happy that I have been blessed with the opportunity to provide these items to people destined to own them – in order to change their destiny for the better – the way it should be.

Blessed Be my friends!

With over 4000 clients I have a great deal of feedback through various channels, but now only offer my services directly on my website:




But I always stay most connected through word of mouth – and I am always interested in connecting with others!